The compressor consists of the impeller, diffuser, and compressor casing. As with the exhaust gas turbine-, the compressor is tuned optimally to the meet the engine specifications.

The radial-flow compressor impeller transfers the majority of the kinetic energy, provided by the turbine, to the air flow. The required pressure increase is then generated in a diffuser in the compressor casing.


BMTS Technology uses highly durable, precision-milled impellers made from special aluminum alloys. This ensures high acceleration rates and improves the low-end torque. Because of the uniform impeller geometry, pulsation noise is heavily reduced. The impeller can be given a suitable coating to meet more demanding wear requirements. This may be necessary, e.g., if low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation is used.

Compressor casing

The compressor casing has been consistently optimized in terms of aerodynamics. BMTS Technology offers optional features to expand the usable operating range. Recirculation systems have been developed to stabilize the compressor's characteristic curves.