Exhaust gas turbine

Together, the turbine wheel, turbine housing, and wastegate / VTG make up the exhaust gas turbine. The hot exhaust gas accumulates in front of the turbine and is converted into kinetic energy in the turbine. The turbine can accelerate to speeds upwards of 300,000 revolutions per minute. The exhaust gas flows into the turbine wheel blades in the radial direction and then flows out of the turbine wheel in the axial direction. BMTS Technology ensures that the turbine geometry (turbine wheel & turbine housing) with wastegate, or VTG, is optimally tuned to the meet the engine requirements. Commercial and in-house software tools can be used to quickly produce a graphical representation of a customized matching.

Turbine wheel

The turbine wheel is exposed to very high exhaust gas temperatures, reaching more than 1,000°C, the BMTS Technology uses high temperature-resistant nickel alloys to withstand these extreme conditions.

Turbine housing

Bosch Mahle Turbo System designs the right turbine housing for every application:

  • Standard monoflow turbine housing
  • Twin-flow turbine housing
  • Turbine housing with integrated exhaust manifold

High-strength, heat-resistant materials are available to meet the extreme temperature requirements of gasoline engines (> 1,000°C). 

Twin-flow turbine housing

In order to prevent exhaust flows interacting with one another during gas exchange, the exhaust gas is guided via two separate exhaust gas channels from the cylinders to the turbine housing. This is very beneficial when operating in special modes that have a certain degree of valve overlap (i.e. scavenging).

Turbine housing with integrated exhaust manifold

The turbine housing, with integrated exhaust manifold, compromises of components that are made from a streamlined die-cast part. To avoid the enthalpy decrease of the exhaust gas, the turbine can be placed close to the exhaust valves. This makes the turbine highly efficient which translates into a quicker responsiveness.