Product development

Due to its history, BMTS Technology has a distinct overall understanding of internal combustion engines. With this expertise and the outstanding know-how of the employees, the exhaust gas turbocharger can be holistically optimized.

State-of-the-art simulation tools support the development and design of exhaust gas turbochargers. The behavior of the exhaust gas turbocharger is precisely defined in the design phase. For example; software programs, developed in house for the design of bearings, predict the rotordynamic behavior of the main shaft with a superb degree of precision.

Knowledge gained during the platform development is incorporated directly into the customer projects, allowing customer requirements to be implemented quickly. This "front-loading" approach removes the trial and error process and provides a specific optimized solution for each T/C scenario.

BMTS Technology can thus react quickly to the requirements of OEMs and provide them with competent Support.